Wednesday, 14 April 2010

How to trapeze in Brighton and Hove

What does it take to become an Aerialist? An aerialist is an acrobat, circus performer or dancer who performs in the air, on a suspended apparatus such as a trapeze, rope, cloud swing, aerial silk or aerial hoop.

Aerial acts look like they need immense physical strength, but most depend more on technique and practice. Students find great satisfaction from mastering basic moves only a few feet off the ground, and they develop strength as they become more ambitious. The sense of empowerment that comes with supporting one's own weight is an appealing aspect of aerial dance.

Like most athletes and dancers, aerialists need “core” abdominal strength for stability and protecting the lower back. Some women think they will not be able to do aerial work because their arms aren't strong enough. Upper-body strength is thought of as a male trait, but many aerial artists practicing in Sussex are female. They find that strength comes quickly through use. Some speed it along doing push-ups and pull-ups, abdominal work such as Pilates and yoga. However, the best way to get strong enough to do aerial work is to do aerial work.

Around Brighton and Hove, aerial classes are found at University of Sussex Falmer campus sports centre (Zu Aerial), Hangleton Community Centre (Circus Project), and Lewes All Saints Centre (contact Zu Aerial)
(This story was supplied by me as a possible sidebar to the Trapeze mum story, but not published).

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