Saturday, 6 August 2011

Global warming may bring colder weather to England - video model shows temperature rise 1850-2100 - with great soundtrack

Today I stumbled across a video model of rising temperatures around the globe. It shows a map of the world coloured to represent temperature in different places. It shows temperatures since 1850 to 2100, fluctuating, swirling, but over all rising from blue to red. Of course, it is a computer generated model, not the actual truth. But it shows the trend to date, and there's no reason to presume the trend will change anytime soon. The video shows really well how temperatures fluctuate, but the trend continues.

It also shows an interesting anomaly, of note to those of us living in Brighton, England. Although temperatures are shown to rise around the world (shown in red), in one tiny part of the world, they fall (shown in blue). That's our part of the world, the north-eastern Atlantic. I presume that's because the Gulf Stream ocean currents which bring the warm weather to England are predicted to fail (we really are far north have such mild winters, as far north as Canada).

The video was made by Danish Glacier Scientist Dr. Aslak Grinsted. He said it is a run from the INMCM4 model from the Institute of Mathematical Modelling (Russia).

The sound track on the video is great. It's composed by the scientist who made the video.

For those of you of a technical bent, who want to know more, click here for the author-composer's website

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