Friday, 25 February 2011

Guardian takes up the Hove Cycle Lanes story

I'm delighted to say the Guardian online took up this story - I submitted "Rubbing salt into the wound". They subbed out plenty, especially my possibly pernickety (moi!?!) detailing of stonewalling at the BHCC leaders office. But their intro is probably better than mine for an audience that might not have known much about the story.

Here it is:

I've been checking the comments maybe too frequently - a respectable 83 comments. I liked the portentious tone of the last comment I saw tonight:

  • DBluge
    25 February 2011 12:20AM
    Cyclists bide your time.. When petrol hits thirty pounds a gallon the roads are going to empty, very fast, and the whole network will be yours to ride on.
    The upper echelons will have to be disabused of the idea that they can swan around in big cars, while the poor cycle and walk. I suspect they will be quite quick on the uptake - once the sky starts to rain bricks.
    Unfortunately even a fast moving cyclist ripping past is likely to incur resentment from the more static members of the populace, so it will be hard-hats all round!

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