Sunday, 27 February 2011

Fascinating video of cycle freeway in operation, Utrecht

A fascinating video of a busy junction in Utrecht, the Netherlands, where 33% of journeys are made by bicycle. Note the frequent public transport shown in the background, very rapid connections cross city. Cars are not banned here: people simply choose to travel by tram or cycle. Its easier, quicker, cleaner and safer. A commitment to an integrated sustainable transport system is needed.

(Posted to further the argument in favour of cycle freeways and an integrated sustainable transport plan in Brighton and Hove, and specifically to promote the development of a network of cycle freeways and in support of the Save Hove Cycle Lanes campaign).

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  1. Mark's videos are absolutely a must watch for any cyclist over here in the UK. Often the argument will pop up that its "a different culture, they've always had bikes there!"

    However so have we in the UK. We had about 20 good bike manufacturers that sold worldwide. We had a whole bunch of quality races (like the old Milk races)

    Tebbit's famous comment also harks back to a history where the humble cycle opened up the country to mobility never before seen until the 1800s.

    I truly feel that Government, local authorities and society in general are missing a trick. Planning and implementing these sorts of changes will vastly benefit society as I cant see the oil reserves lasting indefinately (the price is already rocketing due to unrest in the middle east and the difficulty in extracting from new and existing wells).