Thursday, 24 March 2011

A Fresh Start for a Fair City

Green Party candidates for local elections at Manifesto launch
18 March 2010. The Green Party launched its bid to become the UK's first Green led council in the UK in local elections in Brighton and Hove on 5 May. Offering a list of thirteen priorities over the next four years, the manifesto is headed by a pledge to resist the service cuts and privatisation imposed by the Conservative and Lib Dem Government.

I designed the Manifesto document, drafted the press release and photographed the event.
A Fresh Start for a Fairer CityThe manifesto 'Fresh Start for a Fair City' is available as a PDF file: here

It says, "In May 2011 we have the opportunity to win more seats and maybe even lead the council."

"In these difficult circumstances Green councillors will do their very best for the city," says Green Party Convenor Councillor Bill Randall.

"We can't stop the cuts made at source by the Coalition, but we will fight them all the way, oppose any attempt to further privatise local services and tackle the inequalities that tarnish this city. "

"We realise many of our Manifesto plans cannot be implemented immediately because the city is starved of cash. But we will not abandon our aspirations, because they offer practical solutions to the challenges the city faces.

"Only Greens are committed to open book working with other political parties, the trade unions, third sector and voluntary organisations and residents to meet the challenges ahead. (more>>>)

"Indeed, our Manifesto is a template for a more open and democratic city offering residents greater power to make decisions for their neighbourhoods and influence the way budgets are shaped and money is spent. This marks the Greens out from other parties who pay lip service to residents' views."

Now, in the words of the Manifesto, "The Green Party offers Brighton and Hove a fresh start for after four years of Tory mismanagement.

"Our manifesto is fuelled by fairness and driven by a desire to produce a sustainable city and narrow the gap between rich and poor."

A manifesto for hard times

"During the next four years the Tory and Lib-Dem Coalition will rob the city of £84 million that should have been spent on vital services.

"Things wouldn't have been much better under Labour. Having lost control of the banks, they were intent on making the public pay for their mistakes."

Greens have been gaining support in Brighton and Hove since they won their first council seat in 1996.

They now have 13 councillors, to the Conservatives' 25, Labour's 13, 1 Lib Dem and 1 Independent.

Last year saw Caroline Lucas elected in Brighton Pavilion constituency as the UK's first Green Westminster MP.

In the June 2009 European Parliament Elections Greens won the biggest share of the vote across the Brighton and Hove municipal area with 31.4 % of the vote, helping to elect a Green MEP for the South East.

A list of thirteen priorities over the next four years is headed by a pledge to resist the service cuts and privatisation imposed by the Conservative and Lib Dem Government. 

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