Friday, 4 March 2011

Victory for opposition to Conservative Budget - and The Drive Cycle lane is safe for now

UPDATE 11pm. Earlier tonight Brighton and Hove's Conservative Budget was voted down by combined Green/Labour opposition and Green/Labour amendments were voted through. Full analysis is promised in tomorrow's Argus, but so far as The Drive Cycle lane goes: it is safe for the time being.

Highlights of the amendments pushed through by Green/Labour councillors:

* Council tax will be frozen rather than dropped by 1% as the Conservatives proposed

* The Drive/Grand Avenue (D2) cycle lane won't be demolished (at cost £1.1m).

* Residents parking permits won't be reduced

* Additional funding est. at £2.5m will be available for front line services including school support, care, community safety etc.

The Greens lost their bid to allocate £200,000 to planning for a sustainable city. They couldn't get agreement with the other two major parties. The parties wanted the £200,000 spent as follows (according to Brighton Argus, whose reporter Tim Ridgeway provided excellent on-line live coverage of the budget, well done Argus):
"Tories - spend a small amount on new library books, money for a bus study and for sports development
Labour - for works on Brighton seafront east of palace pier
Greens - to support the planning team which they see as vital for the future growth of city."

Personally, I can't wait for a Green controlled council - just imagine what a city planned around sustainable development - rather than ad-hoc fixes - might look like, and be like to live in.
Green Councillors and Candidates outside Brighton Town Hall 3 March 2011

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