Thursday, 24 March 2011

Mostost: new word for a new world

In the beginning was the word
I've been writing a lot of words about sustainable transport. "Modal shift toward sustainable transport", to be precise. This phrase sums up the policy goal of getting large numbers of people to choose to walk or cycle more often - to use more sustainable transport methods. Also included in these transport methods are electric cars and public transport, because they are thought to be more sustainable than the motor car, since they reduce the carbon emissions per trip per person. Though of course they are not the purists' choice .... 

Anyway, I'm finding that I use the phrase "Modal shift toward sustainable transport" quite a lot. I've been struggling with it. I long for an alternative, something short and pithy. I've tried shortening it to "Modal Shift", which sort of works but begs the question of where to in every use, or just "Sustainable Transport" but that's simply not right when we're trying to talk about how to encourage people to that goal.

So what about an acronym. MOdal Shift TOward Sustainable Transport. MOSTOST.

It would be an abstract noun - a thing which cannot be seen or touched, like "goal".

"We're committed to Mostost", "Council pays lip service to Mostost", "Mostost the answer to the oil crisis". Does it work for you?

"Mostost" is my invention and I claim it in the name of the future green world.

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