Friday, 24 September 2010

Martha Rose at Foxtrot, Stanmer Park - Testing Zoom Q3 recorder

I tested my ZOOM Q3 sound recorder at Foxtrot Folk Festival, Stanmer Park, Brighton on Sunday 12 September. I bought the machine for sound recording: it's basically a good microphone with a webcam attached. At £200, I think it's a cost effective solution for video-with-sound intended for websites. The alternatives are: £1,000 professional camcorders, or low cost video cameras where you can't hear what's been said.

The video below is of Martha Rose and Ben Joel performing in the Grotto at Foxtrot 2010. I saved the video in i-phone format so video resolution is reduced, but sound is good considering the mic. is 12 feet from the performers.

The next video is sound as recorded on the Q3, but images compiled from stills and edited into a movie on i-movie.

Let me know what you think!

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