Friday, 20 November 2009

Fuming: Lewes Road clean air movie

10-11-2009. A campaign video about air pollution and road traffic along the Lewes Road was premiered on Tuesday November 10, at a meeting of the Lewes Road for Clean Air (LRCA).
The documentary, called ‘Fuming’, featured interviews with residents, and a cyclist-eye view of a trip along the road. It also showed LRCA members taking a survey of traffic, and suggesting public transport and cycling as alternatives to travelling by private car.
Speaking after the screening, Duncan Blinkhorn of LRCA said: “Levels of nitrogen dioxide continue to exceed the acceptable limit.”
Mr Blinkhorn said over 1,200 cars per hour drive up and down the Lewes Road, three quarters of these are private cars, and 60% of private cars carry only one passenger.
Alison Baldasare, a Traffic Planner from Brighton and Hove City Council, told the meeting about the Journey On Campaign to encourage people to consider alternatives to private car.
Chris Szczerba, of cycling courier company The Bike's The Business, said: ‘Unless the cycle lanes are sorted, you won’t get people on their bikes.”
Ian Davey, a Green councillor, said a modal shift was needed to get people out of their cars. “It’s not a question of money, nor of science and technology, it’s a question of political will,” he said.
The meeting was held at the Salvation Army Brighton Congress Hall.
Lewes Road for Clean Air: Tel 07944152706, or Facebook ‘Lewes Road for Clean Air’.
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