Thursday, 19 November 2009

October 22, 2009. Cycling without lights at night is the target of a road safety campaign in Brighton and Hove.
The campaign, dubbed ‘Brighten Up’, involves patrols of Brighton and Hove City Council Officers, and Police Community Support Officers. It started this week with advice, and an offer of free lights, but will get tough next week when £30 fixed penalty notices will be issued.
The Council’s Road Safety Manager Phil Clarke said: ”So far this year 117 cyclists have been injured, 20 of them seriously, an increase on last year. Being visible plays a significant part in keeping cyclists safer on the roads.”
Tonight at 6.30pm, a patrol of Council and Police Officers were on London Road, stopping cyclists without lights. They gave safety advice, and offered to supply free lights and reflective equipment, provided the cyclists gave their contact details, and came to a police station to pick the equipment up.
They also told the cyclists that from Monday 26th October, they would receive fines for cycling without lights at night.
An officer on the patrol said that the reaction from cyclists had been positive.
The team stopped Romilly, of Kemp Town. He had a light, but it was faulty. He said: “I spent a lot of money buying lights that don’t work. It’s dangerous to cycle without lights, and motorists get angry. I always wear high vis clothing. I’m not against the fine, but it should be reduced. It would be better to confiscate the bike and give it back when you show you have bought the lights.”
It is an offence to use a pedal cycle without lights at night or in reduced visibility.
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